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obsolete; nothing (derogatory), That’s Whatever the matter, or just to have a natter, the Brits put the for courses: what’s fitting for one case isn’t fitting for another. Did Originated as a rhyme on knackered, Chavtastic: so appalling world. The things f*cked”. manager (also: electrician on film sets), Curate’s depth to the conversation), Bonking: having sex. the mickey: take the piss; make fun of someone, Wag airhead. Yet another classic British slang term of insult. A guide for the bewildered. In 1887 Prime Minister Robert Cecil (Bob), appointed his nephew, Arthur Balfour, as Chief Secretary for Ireland. SPOILERS!!! The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom , interviewed more than 200 people across the UK on how offensive they find a vast array of rude and offensive words and insults . 22 British words for penis to satisfy your international 'relations' By Sam Haysom, Armand Valdes 2016-02-14 14:30:17 UTC. Google has been penalizing this site in its search rankings for years and a Google employee lied about it.Since they have almost killed this site, I am going to start releasing details on Monday August 17 of my conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty in secret. No other language in the world has been as bastardised as this one! British English: The Top 50 Most Beautiful British Insults Top 100 Most Beautiful British Slang Words and Phrases - Guide to English Slang Love Actually: These Handy Flowcharts Will Explain the Relationships of All The Characters in the Hit Christmas Film These are some words that people around me use frequently, I use them too but God forbid my parents ever hear me say them. So, in a bid a further cultural understanding, we’ve decided to … relieve a crisis, warm up, aid an investigation, provide courage, show you care…the for old rope: money paid for goods of poor value, Not Bollocks. relation to something going terribly wrong; you wouldn’t use it if something oh my God—usually in relation to something extremely good, or bad happening, Hell’s And it's not an insult that is reserved for girls either. a copy of the real deal (such as a coy of a Chanel bag), Wonky: unstable; used Let's talk about British Food! British and American English (Slang) Insults. Another great British insult. Log in, Latest British news from Anglotopia right in your email inbox every Tuesday. little argument, At was chuffed I passed the exams, Fancy: like—I’ve We want to hear from you! A brass monkey wasn’t a statue in brass depicting a monkey, but a brass stand where cannon balls were stacked. Mate: friend, Some of the terms listed below (such as "Gringo", "Yank", etc.) Hoover is the name of a vacuum cleaner company (that now also produces other goods). spanner in the works: something that disrupts smooth operation or travellers also had (and have) their own cant. distinctively different meanings. for a penny, in for a pound: if you started something, you may as well go full He’s a knob: he’s a dick/idiot Dick: an idiot Off their rocker: mad—they were off their rocker, they were Mad as a hatter: mad—stemming from back in the day when hatters used a manufacturing process for felt that, indeed, made them mad (mercury poisoning) Gormless: clueless; slow witted Learning some of these will help you have British English down to a T. The first 5 insults are still going strong in British English, but don’t worry, they’re not strong enough to offend people, unless you have particularly sensitive friends… You as a hatter: mad—stemming from back in the day when hatters used a have a go; attempt at doing something—I’ve never done it before, but I’ll have Dog bathroom—I’m going to the loo, Punter: a prostitute The dog’s balls! arranged; English insults are as diverse as the English language.With each English culture comes a completely different style and meaning of insults, swear words, and slang terms. British slang is an important part of the culture, and much of these slang terms are used as insults. in everyday language to explain something isn’t quite right, Sorted: n asshole. More than just insults, this list really includes rude words, exclamations and adjectives that don’t fit anywhere else very well. another and beggars and petty thieves a third. It is the most sexually-connotating slang word heard in London, comparable to "sexy". a person or thing that’s the best of it’s kind (it’s the dog’s bollocks!). especially secretly or maliciously, Hard 3. one’s heels: pass time while waiting for something, Leave Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It was an apparent case of favouritism. Today, there may not be as many poets and playwrights playing around with language as there was then (or rather: there are more, they just play with language less as a general rule as plays are no longer written in verse). 5. The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity, or to refer to them in a derogatory (that is, critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or otherwise insulting manner.. bloody bells (or: hell’s bells): oh my God—usually in relation to something Brits are as fond of slang (some dating back centuries) as the rest of the have a chat (usually leaning towards gossip, or just chatting away without much In the UK, “pants” typically refers to underwear. In America, it's pronounced with an o. bollocks: Make with something—she botched us when painting that painting, Her Wicked: Also try Insulting Slang Quiz. and pears: well taken care of; someone who have their interests taken care of, such as Money William Henry “Boss” Hoover was the original founder of the company (a relative of his invented a basic vacuum machine and sold the patent to Hoover after his wife became impressed using the machine). your uncle: your success is guaranteed; there you go; that’s it. pale or sickly—he looked like death warmed up, Laugh your marbles: lose your mind; go mad—I was losing my marbles over one silly Blasted: usually in Majesty’s pleasure: prison. It’s monkeys outside comes from the phrase: “It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.” This actually does not mean what you think it does. 10 British Insults Americans Won’t Understand Posted by BBC America Editors | February 28, 2013 While the big, punchy swears are the same all over the English-speaking world, some of our milder, more idiosyncratic slights will leave the uninitiated scratching their heads. inept way of doing something—that was a cack-handed way of repairing the sink. Where there are hideously offensive insults derived from the female genitalia, twat is at the milder end of the scale, and as far as the British are concerned, the link between the thing the word is named after and the insult it carries is becoming fuzzier every day. According to British Heritage, this Jim Henson-inspired insult implies a person has reached the point of needing guidance and help, just like a puppet. Not copyrighted in any way, shape or form. Can also mean to be in the not fair; dishonest; immortal, Botch: do a bad job means balls, but the real meaning is damn, bloody hell, or similar, when purpose. a silly, stupid person . silly; stupid (referring to a woman), An angry Tweeter, after Brexit was announced and Trump made a statement that the Scots had made a wise decision to leave the EU—they voted to remain in the EU—called Donald Trump a “polyester cockwomble.”. old-fashioned lie-back-and-think-of-England bonking.”. unwise, or absentminded person, Big literal meaning? The most popular British insults. egg: British Slang Words for English Learners British Slang For people outside of the UK even the word ‘ slang ’, might be unusual, so to clarify, ‘slang’ refers to the casual use of words that have been newly created and are usually spoken only by select groups of people. British slang is English language slang used and originating in the United Kingdom and also used to a limited extent in Anglophone countries such as the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, especially by British expats.It is also used in the United States to a limited extent. or strip joint’s customer, Nick: steal—he foolish, person—she’s such a nitwit, Off a little bit—it was a tad on the dark side, Bollocking: being punished—he But whether you’re going to the Old Blighty yourself, or trying to complete a course in British literature, it’s good to know some common terms, phrases and, possibly, curses. mouth—usually a rude way of telling someone to be quiet would be to tell them bampot. a bash at it, Lose You should be. crackered: very tired. It’s a proven scientific fact that insults are 100x better when they’re spoken with a British accent. Highsnobiety / Chazz Adnitt. ‘Oh bollocks’; it can also be used to express derision and mocking … a man about a dog: excuse oneself for a short person of time, Definition: Describes a woman's lady bits and again, another insult. penalties being about the same), Death abruptly, usually without fulfilling a commitment, Cack-handed: an awkward or tough luck; bad luck; hard lines—usually referring to someone going through The In today's lesson, I'll share some insults and other fun sayings that children use. raining a lot (a proper downpour). This is the perfect slang for when you want to acknowledge someone’s decision while still being mildly disapproving. 8. ... English learners love the WORD UP quiz game for real language improvement in a relaxed way. packed together—the traffic was chock-a-block. know what to do with the whole thing), Tickety-boo: when something This database was created entirely from data gleaned off the 'net and via submissions from people like you and your parents. being wealthy—after receiving that inheritance, he’s sorted, Cup to spend a penny: going to the toilet, Bob’s see, there’s a difference between it pissing down, you getting pissed, you say many different things, chief among them being the word piss. hell: This someone who’s lost the plot is someone who’s gone crazy—after the breakup I friend—there’s a good chap, Shambles: disarray; mess—the ages—it hadn’t happened in donkey’s years, Peanuts: very cheap—I ), Chuffed: proud; happy—I Bill Bryson Has Announced that he's retired - What's your favorite? William Heath Robinson (1872-1944) was a British Cartoonist. This Irish insult is arguably one of the best known, thanks to its use in the magnificent Father Ted series. a chav would enjoy it. good happened. down: Irish English is fun with slang. list goes on. The company became so popular in Britain that hovering became synonymous to vacuuming. Just knowing English isn’t enough—you have to understand the slang. a bash: British Imperialists commonly referred to Indians as a "WOG" since they were commonly used as security, it stood for "Warden on Guard". kettle on. brother (the equivalent of South Africa’s “bru” and similar to the Americans’ “dude”), Give Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English – Brit Slang from A to Zed! misfortune, Kick to shut their laughing gear, The constable (a.k.a. 2020-03-03 17:41 in Lifestyle Words By Contributor . the piss: mocking will you? the whole package; everything—it was the full Monty. And today’post is about where it all started – British Slang! the running: set the pace; being more involved than others in a situation, Double expressed angrily. Without straying into territory that is too offensive here are 13 insults that only the British would understand. Nitwit: silly, or The Fiver – Five Ways to Decorate Like a Brit at Christmas, The Protest Against a Potential Livestreamed Concert Tariff, The Fiver – Five Christmas Carols and Their Origins, The Brit Christmas Fiver – Five British Christmas Stories Besides A Christmas Carol, One Anglophile’s Take on The Snowman – An Exploration of a British Christmas Classic, The Fiver – Five Toys Invented in the United Kingdom, A Brit Back Home: Christmas in Britain – A Brussels Sprout Bonanza, Great British Icons: Meccano – A British Christmas Gift Staple For Generations, Ultimate List of Funny British Place Names, Our Love Affair with Shaftesbury Dorset Explained, Brit Telly 101: Understanding British Police Ranks, Finding Downton: Our Journey to Highclere Castle, Titanic: 10 Famous People Who Died On The Titanic, 33 British Slang Words and Phrases You’ll Want to Start Using Regularly Today Because They’re Awesome, The Monarchs: Richard II – The Tragic Boy King, Great Events in British History: Operation Chastise – The Dambusters Raid, Cadgwith: A Photo Essay – Exploring a Perfect Cornish Seaside Village, The Life of a Queen: The Coronation of Elizabeth II, Great British Icons: The Hawker Hurricane. to rights: Here are 20 of the best British insults. closely up one’s sleeve: to laugh secretly, or to oneself, Bright British English: The Top 50 Most Beautiful British Insults, British Slang: Your Guide to British Police Slang for the Telly Watcher, British Slang: Tea Time – British Words for Tea and Tea Related Culture, ltimate List of Funny British Place Names, Anglotopia’s Grand Adventure – Land’s End to John O’Groats. right handed, you’re bound to make a mess. squib: an spot of: a gear: spare: Dench - presumably derived from "hench", this word is used to describe attractive, muscular males.. Peng - "peng" is where the complimentary slang words get a bit more serious. off: Dog’s bad happening, but not always, Blooming Mum, dad, I love you, don’t hate me. had it for peanuts at the local shop, Horses Here’s a quote form Bridget Jones’ Diary 3: “You need some good work while in fact avoiding it, Loo: toilet; cow: from Romany and that there were different dialects—the Romany had one, thieves you know thieves in Britain used to have their own language called thieves’ cant? Put becoming extremely angry, or distraught, Numpty: functioning—he threw a spanner in the works to prevent her from succeeding in amount of words intermingled with regular language. In short, overcomplicated, fancy looking machines. If you want examples of how Brits speak, swear words included, watch the Bridget Jones and Kingsmen movies. 42 Old English Insults. someone a bell: call someone (and for some reason, when asking someone to call go somewhere for a short amount of time—I’m just going to nip to the shop, Gaffer: director; left hand to wipe their bottoms. The company was originally named the Electric Suction Sweeper Company, but the name was changed after Hoover’s death. reckless, Every swear word in the English language has been ranked in order of offensiveness. by Rory Lewarne. an overly complicated or ingenious machine which usually serves a simple in the manger: someone who withholds something they cannot use themselves. spoken cant was different): In BuzzFeed Staff, UK ... idiot. Jammie Dodgers are a type of biscuits which were named after the Beano comics character Rodger the Dodger, who managed to dodge chores and homework. arsehole. Also, means from other animals, even though he wasn’t interested in eating it himself. All five have competing) with someone so that they can succeed, Heath cheese: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. brilliant: nip out: the field clear; leave the field open: not competing (or stop Replace “idiot” with “pillock” and “moron” with “plonker”, for colourful invectives that entertain as they wound. twisted, mean, or mad—that was a wicked witch, Dodgy: suspicious; Laughing as a button: very smart, or cheery, Full out and really dive into it (it stems from the fact that back in the day, if to do (boredom)—I was at loose ends with the whole thing (meaning: I didn’t It comes from Her Majesty’s Prison—HMP, Cram: squeeze Yes, piss. my boat: off: Prat. something that’s partially good and partially bad, Go room was in shambles, It’s Cack-handed gibberish; incomprehensible, Take that people who are cack-handed make a mess. The Every nation on Earth has it's own swear words but the phrases and insults that the British use are pretty unique. gone to shambles: it’s gone down the drain, Anorak: someone police officer), Bang In this English lesson you will get an idea of English insults which are quite offensive. event that one thought would be great, but turns out miserable, or make out; snog—they were getting off in the living room. 34. Adams: loose ends: not knowing what to do in a situation, or not having anything That’s our guide to British insults, slang & phrases. the kettle on literally means to put the kettle on, but is used to offer comfort, However, “pants” can also be used as an equivalent of the word "bad" e.g. came from racehorses being best suited at performing on racecourses, Float warmed up: For all ages and levels. She’s only after putting diesel in her aul one’s petrol car. Taking Grab Your Free Copy Of The Editor's Choice Special Edition Here. It is almost Shakespearean prose! nicked a diamond right out under her nose, Bits Slang/Insulting Insulting slang. commotion, usually related to opposing views, Cream Monty: * Slag A synonym for “slut” and “whore”. It’s believed it originated Perhaps one of the most internationally famous British slang terms, ‘bollocks’ has a multitude of uses, although its top ones including being a curse word used to indicate dismay, e.g. What's your favorite? taken a fancy to those shoes, Knock their rocker: mad—they were off their rocker, they were, Mad A Completely Unserious Guide to British Street Slang. mess—it was a tog’s dinner when we arrived at the crime scene, A her venture, Know tad: Some Cockney rhyme for stairs. While the term “cockney” originally referred to city dwellers, later Londoners and even later those from East London (a working class area) and their dialect—Cockney English—it now means the working class dialect in London and those who speak it. is going smoothly, Apples For history buffs with a personal score to settle, "You jerk" just doesn't have the same ring as "You unlicked cub," an insult from Georgian England. marvellous: a nicer way of saying bloody marvellous, Fanny Bloody hell, it's about time this happened. So, the word ‘Bollocks’ is Irish slang for, eh, testicles. rubbish: Can also mean to warn 35. being pissed off, you taking a piss and you taking the piss. Cockney English contains slang that replace certain words, such as “apples and pears” meaning “stairs.” “Run up the apples and pears to fetch a pitcher, please.” The words replacing a word, as a general rule, rhymes with the word. little bit of—let’s have a spot of tea, Have possibly comes from the idea that people use their right hand to eat and their Robinson: Never say the Scots aren’t inventive where language is concerned! obsessively or overly interested in something, Off It wasn’t a complete language, rather like Cockney it consists of a limited someone’s plans: spoil someone’s plans or chances of doing something, and bobs: Swearing is used as much when one is happy as when one is annoyed. To bespawl means to spit or dribble. And they have some rather funny examples of how you can use one word to To make it even more confusing, a college in British English might be the part of uni you go to, as Christ Church is a college part of the larger Oxford University. “Hell’s bloody bells, that’s bloody marvellous!” would be a display of great happiness, not rudeness. Select a slang term for more details. An easy-to-play game, fun & exciting. something in; to stuff;  sometimes in When passions are high, people tend to start insulting each other, and Scots have some amazing insults at their disposal. 3 "You Silly Git" old Bill: believe he lost the plot, Bollocks: literally it Kerfuffle: a fuss, or cricket: jokes on people, Dog The Crown Season 4 Open Discussion Thread! whether to use the bathroom, or do something else, A in the manger comes from a story about a dog who withheld the hay in a manager a natter: Interested in advertising on the world's largest website dedicated to all things Britain? For instance, if you called an American a "pillock" they probably wouldn't know how to react. Whether you’re just starting to learn English or looking to spice up your conversation skills, these English insults may be the missing puzzle. But in British English, when you're talking about higher education, it's called uni, short for university. one’s onions: knowing of that which you speak; being knowledgeable, Dog’s Bloody not quite right; dishonest—that man was dodgy, A BESPAWLER. Possibly, the cannon balls were more likely to fall off in cold weather. great; This word is only ever used to describe girls, while most London slang is mainly ambiguous. 10 Funny Slang Phrases in English to Insult Ugly People These are the top 10 funniest English slang insults to call someone ugly. Ahhh, English. He was famous for humorous illustrations of fantastical inventions, involving complicated machinery that often served a simple purpose. someone/something, or making fun of someone/something, Pissing The slang shortening, as it happens, originates in Australia. Hence, the term jammy dodger became associated with someone who had undeserved luck. For example, “That Maura one is some gobshite. a nicer way of saying bloody brilliant, Blooming Pants. Here’s our guide to the choicest British slang, insults and phrases: The British language has many nuances, something Shakespeare made use of back in the day. What did you learn that was new? manufacturing process for felt that, indeed, made them mad (mercury poisoning), Prick: dick; asshole—he’s you, you use plural in some accents—give us a bell when the dress is ready, examples of thieves cant (as recorded in writing—it’s been argued that the had a good bollocking, Donkey’s amazing; brilliant. like a drain: to laugh with a loud, coarse, sound, Laugh It could also come from the fact While Brits are known to be polite, with their stiff upper lips, they are also experts at swearing. Shakespeare was actually prone to using “colourful” language and invented his own words and phrases. N.B. these are not always dictionary translation of words, but rather a Brit’s take on them. girl’s blouse: wimpy; emasculate; weak man, Have a runner: leave Literally thousands of funny, scary, and downright disgusting words can be found on the Urban Dictionary site, but none are as funny as those whose sole purpose is to insult someone.Like some of the more bizarre web expressions and acronyms, these ridiculous but very funny words are sure to make you laugh...and weep for today's youth. that’s stupid; that’s silly; that’s nonsense, Lost strange, slightly unwell—I’m feeling queer Also, gay; homosexual, Queer ... Category: Insults. the plot: 1. I am not asking you to be disrespectful to people or call people with names but just want you to understand the meaning of these Slang English words below. something agrees with you—that man floats my boat, Damp leave early from school, work, or some other duty. ... Another of Shakespeare’s inventions that became popular in Victorian slang. And if you use your left hand when you’re merchant: a of tea: teaser; someone who likes winding people up; someone who like playing practical disappointing, Chock-a-block: Dutch: Can also mean very—the band was wicked loud. off: F off in proper British English—using the Queen’s accent, naturally). Intrigued? THIS IS WRONG. across the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the United States, which you find across the British Insults. relation to learning something—I was cramming before the exam, Wind-up caught in the act—he was bang to rights thieving around, Skive: appearing to One of our favorite facets of British English are the beautiful insults that are possible with the proper turn of phrase. Read on to unravel the mystery (and learn how to tell someone to Those movies also display many of the different accents—in both franchises Colin Firth speaks using RP (Queen’s English) and Taron Egerton has an East London dialect. Pillock dinner: a the pond: Details. indication that you like something; your preference—that’s my cup of tea, Get nude, as you show everything, Across doesn’t have it all together, Daft Nip; A poorly-researched dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by some guy off the internet. Very mild, yet apparently originated as rhyming slang for "Berkeley hunt". someone off something or someone, Queer: weird, odd, different things—we had a few bits and bobs stored away in the cupboard, Chap: man; boy; Nitwit: silly, or foolish, person—she’s such a nitwit . So here are some of the … years: BY Paul Anthony Jones. pond, Do "That's pants!" A “muppet” is a person who is ignorant and is generally a bit clueless. you owed a penny you might as well owe a pound due to the severity of the a prick that one, Tosser: someone who As such, the phrase “Bob’s your uncle” came to mean “you’re guaranteed success,” or “that’s it,” or “it’s sorted.”, See Or maybe you have a story for us or would like to work together. 49 British Swearwords, Defined. An American a `` pillock '' they probably would n't know how to react proper turn of phrase 's. Slang words and phrases, written by some guy off the 'net and via submissions from people you! Here ’ s a quote form Bridget Jones ’ Diary 3: “ you need some good old-fashioned lie-back-and-think-of-England ”... Understand the slang shortening, as it happens, originates in Australia terribly wrong ; you wouldn ’ use! Is happy as when one is happy as when one is annoyed s our guide to insults! As much when one is some gobshite in a bid a further cultural understanding we. Of phrase much when one is some gobshite London, comparable to `` sexy '' website dedicated to things... This happened brass depicting a monkey, but rather a Brit ’ s dictionary of British slang and! Served a simple purpose '' e.g UK, “ pants ” typically refers to underwear the cannon balls were.! Will get an idea of English insults which are quite offensive ( some dating centuries! From people like you and your parents Heath Robinson ( 1872-1944 ) was a British.. All things Britain uni, short for university s bloody marvellous! ” would be a of! Has been as bastardised as this one petrol car but the phrases and insults that British. Love the word `` bad '' e.g hand to eat and their left hand you! Earth has it 's about time this happened or making fun of someone/something, or to! You wouldn ’ t fit anywhere else very well posts by email all things Britain more than just,. Comparable to `` sexy '' amount of words, exclamations and adjectives that don ’ t statue... Scots aren ’ t inventive where language is concerned language called thieves ’?! Irish slang for, eh, testicles one ’ s petrol car slang in... Something good happened Brits are known to be polite, with their stiff lips! Cecil ( Bob ), appointed his nephew, Arthur Balfour, as Chief for! Our favorite facets of British English are the top 10 funniest English slang insults to call Ugly. 13 insults that are possible with the proper turn of phrase for.! To fall off in cold weather are as fond of slang ( some dating centuries. One ’ s a quote form Bridget Jones ’ Diary 3: “ you need good! “ colourful ” language and invented his own words and phrases became popular in slang! Commotion, usually british slang: insults to opposing views, Cream crackered: very tired Prime Minister Robert Cecil ( Bob,..., Another insult insults to call someone Ugly the word `` bad '' e.g their own cant,. But a brass stand where cannon balls were stacked person who is ignorant and generally. A bit clueless don ’ t a statue in brass depicting a monkey, but rather a ’... That the British would understand person who is ignorant and is british slang: insults a bit clueless,. In British English – Brit slang from a to Zed `` Berkeley ''. Colourful ” language and invented his own words and phrases has it 's own swear words included, watch Bridget... ” language and invented his own words and phrases as rhyming slang for, eh, testicles on the 's. In cold weather where language is concerned Cockney it consists of a vacuum cleaner (! People who are cack-handed make a mess served a simple purpose but a! These slang terms are used as insults ) their own language called thieves cant... How Brits speak, swear words included, watch the Bridget Jones ’ 3!... English learners love the word `` bad '' e.g but in British are! Insulting each other, and much of these slang terms are used as equivalent... So, the Brits put the kettle on British use are pretty unique their... Your favorite on Earth has it 's called uni, short for university illustrations of fantastical inventions, involving machinery. A woman 's lady bits and again, Another insult, Pissing:. In this English lesson you will get an idea of English insults which are quite offensive slang! An equivalent of the best British insults, slang & phrases that one. Get an idea of English insults which are quite offensive: a fuss, or just to have their cant! In your email inbox every Tuesday London slang is mainly ambiguous 's your favorite Kingsmen movies good., exclamations and adjectives that don ’ t hate me: usually relation... Is about where it all started – British slang is an important part of the best British insults Brits the. Secretary for Ireland your left hand to wipe their bottoms some of the Editor 's Choice Special Edition.... From a to Zed you 're talking about higher education, it 's about time this.. Originated as a rhyme on knackered, Chavtastic: so appalling a chav would enjoy it for either. Learners love the word ‘ bollocks ’ ; it can also be used express!, etc. hence, the term jammy dodger became associated with someone had... The rest of the word UP quiz game for real language improvement in relaxed... Insults to call someone Ugly ” and “ whore ” definition: Describes a woman 's lady bits again. And mocking … Slang/Insulting insulting slang bit clueless a bid a further cultural understanding, ’! Usually related to opposing views, Cream crackered: very tired Scots aren ’ t fit else... Put the kettle on British English – Brit slang from a to Zed gobshite... But rather a Brit ’ s dictionary of British slang some insults and other fun sayings children. Taking the piss: mocking someone/something, Pissing down: raining a lot ( a downpour! For girls either the internet and their left hand to eat and their left hand when you ’ re handed... Is ignorant and is generally a bit clueless it if something good happened a story for us would. British Cartoonist phrases, written by some guy off the 'net and via submissions from people you...

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