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They actually pick stocks that will outperform to avoid those that will underperform. So I highjacked Doc G’s podcast. Steve: Yeah. JL: In some small fashion, I guess that’s beginning, and nobody’s more surprised than I. Steve: Well, I do want to give you credit also. JL: That’s the basic message. Blog income can, and sometimes, … She’s not interested in this. I think that’s true for financial services. Sometimes I have people say to me, “Oh, you know, that just … it feels like deprivation. 1% seems like nothing but compounded over time, it’s significant. Fair enough. 034 | This podcast is Part 2 of the Stock Series discussion with JL Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth and the website JLCollinsNH; we discuss the Great Depression and the mindset you need to be a successful long-term investor, plus how to allocate between equities and bonds. Assuming you’re invested efficiently with low costs and getting market average market returns for the last whatever, history. The other way to look at that 1%, so we talked about the 4% rule, which means you can comfortably pull 4% of your holdings each year to live on. We’ll link to all of them from this podcast. Is it much ado about nothing? I forgot the second part of your question at this point. I was like, it kept going, going down, and I kept on buying, buying, buying, buying. If your income is low enough, sometimes you can do that with no tax consequences at all. Yeah. 30%, 40% of people were like, fine, I’ll pay AUM fees, even though it’s like, hey, this is a lot more expensive. JL: Yeah, we actually … I have an agent now who’s done some international deals. You might as well hook yourself up to that train and go for it. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it was low, 1975 and the 1985 is still like nothing, 1995 is still nothing, and then eventually, only in the last decade, has it really gone almost straight up and now it’s threatening. Its a great read, and he is quick to point out that you don’t need to buy the book at all – its all freely available on his blog, albeit in a slightly more disorganised state due to the organic nature of how and when he initially thought of and posted the concepts. I know you’ve. As you alluded to the market, goes up 75% of the time. I enjoyed it. He condensed and summarised his entire blog into the book ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ with a forward by Mr Money Mustache. I suggest that, by the time you do the kind of homework you would need to recognize that kind of money manager, you could have easily taught yourself to do it yourself. But another reason that a fund like VTSAX total stock market index fund keeps going up is that it’s self cleansing. By the time she and her husband started investing, they had paid off all their debt and saved up a lot of cash. JL Collins, author of A Simple Path to Wealth, joins Jillian to help you start Index fund investing. Any color commentary on that? Hosted by Skyler J. Collins. In today’s unplanned episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, JL Collins (author of The Simple Path to Wealth) joins me to talk about this stock-market crash, how it differs from previous crashes, and what you should do about it. You talked about real estate at one point, but I think you got out of it, right? Yeah, now in terms of, is indexing going to take over the world, it’s certainly grown in leaps and bounds as it should given how well it performs and more and more people become aware of it. Steve: Yeah. About 20 years ago, it was outpacing the market. Most people will never take it on, most people are not even aware that it is a possibility or an opportunity. 036 | In today's podcast with Jim Collins from The Simple Path to Wealth and JL Collins NH, we discuss the Chautauquas, in-person events plus an 'Ask Me Anything' series of questions from our ChooseFI community. But by definition, enhancing your lifestyle is counterproductive to becoming financially independent. This episode was recorded live from Kibanda. I know Vanguard published on this. It’s an honor to be here. Listen to BiggerPockets Money Podcast episodes free, on demand. By Danielle Bautista, Tim Ranzetta | Jun 29, 2018 | Podcasts, Index Funds, Investing, Budgeting, Behavioral Finance It started out innocently enough...he wanted to write letters of financial advice to his daughter. The great irony, by the way, is Jack Bogle started Vanguard, and I believe he started the first index fund that S&P 500 index fund in 1975. 50% is just the number that I randomly chose when I began my career, and it’s a perfectly doable number. I’ve often thought of him as kind of being how you organize your life. | 10172 Pagina 2 Steve: Yeah. On today's show, I chat with JL Collins about index fund investing, personal finance principles, and the road to financial independence. Is Your Retirement on FIRE (Financial Independence Retirement Early). Being surprised by this is like being surprised by hurricanes if you live in Florida, or snow storms if you live in New Hampshire. I also maybe a little bit more on the F-you money. For what? Our goal at NewRetirement is to help anyone plan and manage their retirement so they can make the most of their money on time. That’s him above. How did you make that transition from kind of active to passive? You can’t be financial independence carrying debt. You’re basically betting on the American economy, you’re betting on America. When it props 20%, which is called a bull market, that’s a little rare, but it’s perfectly normal. It’s great to have you join us. Follow us on iTunes , Spotify, or Stitcher and please leave a review to let us know what you think.. Also, listen to the very end for a short but satisfying blooper reel! To connect with JL, sign up for Facebook today. Appreciate the perspective. Right? Steve: Yeah. Second one, avoid money managers. This podcast is Part 2 of the Stock Series discussion with JL Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth and the website JLCollinsNH; we discuss the Great Depression and the mindset you need to be a successful long-term investor, plus how to allocate between equities and bonds. Now my regret is I didn’t … I put a huge chunk of it in, but anyway, so your words had an effect. Dividends and …. That, by the way is, especially for a person, my age is considered very, very aggressive, but that’s … I’m comfortable with the volatility that brings on. Hardly enough to get excited about, at least if you are looking for a buying opportunity. If you’re investing in something else, then these parameters may or may not work. So, if you believe that the United States has a future, and I do, then that’s about as good a bet worldwide as you can get anywhere. Listen to ChooseFI episodes free, on demand. We've pulled out the key parts into 7 clips. Of course I bought two individual stocks because, and in 1975, I didn’t know about Jack Bogle or Vanguard or index funds, but around 1985 my buddy Albert talked to me about them and made the case for them, and I was just too bullheaded and stubborn and set in my ways to appreciate the wisdom of what he was sharing with me. Steve: Okay. How JL Collins Started Investing for Financial Independence. We offer tools for this, and then if you want to talk to an advisor, you can, but we only charge for time, any of that stuff. I agree. Nobody did. Collins has … It’s SO VOLATILE, it can be scary to stay invested—especially if you’ve never been through a market downturn. Instead of buying the fancier model of the car you want, you’re taking some of that money and buying your freedom. It took me a long time, but now I’m just going to out it and ignore everything. People have said, that’s terrible, you should only marry for love. I wasn’t even aware of the term financial independence. Doc G (in an interview originally aired on the Plutus award-winning Earn and Invest podcast) caught up with Collins last year, and asked him many questions, that we’ll play for you today. J.L. JL: Sure. JL Collins, a.k.a., the Godfather of FI, talks about two recent interviews on the “Afford Anything” podcast with Suze Orman (personal finance expert and former CNBC talk show host). Sign Up. June 12, 2020. My wife also quit her job, so we had no earned income coming in and our expenses have gone up a little bit. The stock market is up, then down, then down, then up. I mean, for our listeners, I called … as we were ramping our business, I learned about F.I.R.E. I’m not sure it had been coined at that point. They can rationalize a whole lot of things. Steve: You’re the most famous, most popular non-famous person, but actually, you are becoming famous. Playback of Live Event with JL Collins On today's episode, Brad and Jonathan recap the Live Event with our friend JL Collins, where he answered a whole slew of questions from the community. My first professional job, I made $10,000 a year. Steve: Oh, it gets important as they get … there’s a forcing function in people’s lives, where they get older, and eventually they’re probably going to stop making money from work, and they’re going to be faced with how are they going to finance a long, hopefully a long period of time post career. How did you define F-you money for yourself? That’s not a choice that our culture supports. Money managers are expensive always, and it’s very rare to find a good one. Bear Market, oh my! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: Why you might want I think because I didn’t have to do it all the time, because I could step away whenever I chose, that’s probably one of the reasons I enjoyed it as much as I did. The author of "The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life", Collins offers easy-to-understand, effective tips and resources to help you invest with confidence. JL: That question covers a lot of ground. Mr. Money Mustache is great. JL Collins is on Facebook. Collins's Blog. JL Collins – The Simple Path to Wealth 21 Comments Today on the Financial Independence Podcast, my buddy JL Collins from jlcollinsnh.com joins me for his second appearance on the show to dive even deeper into the topic of investing! You’ve done so many different things. This goes into the next one, the percent, so you say target 50% of every dollar saved that much money, if possible. Well, here’s my story. I have them in front of me, so I can do it, and then we can talk about it if you want. I guess I think of it as an investment, because when we’re not here, we rent it out. Steve: Okay. By the same token, I say, if you can’t tolerate snow storms, then you need to leave New Hampshire. JL Collins of JLCollinsNH.com shares why your house is a terrible investment. The first was in Korean, South Korea, and it’s been published in Japan and Japanese, in China and Taiwan, and we just inked a deal with Russia, so it’ll be in Russian. Steve: Well, there’s a strong word of mouth out there about the book. At least, there wasn’t a concept that was widely discussed or even defined. She’s the audience I have in mind. He ran a series of ads which Bogle evidently had framed and put up in his office condemning index funds, calling them unAmerican among other things, because I think he recognized the incredible threats that they posed to the golden goose that was high fee active management. Jim was last on my podcast … I think our worldview is the same, like we’re sitting here cranking out this planning software out of our garages. They’ll probably actually drop off the index before that happens, because if they get too small, then they fall off the index, but they can have a pretty sharp drop. I don’t know, maybe it’s more reliable and has better legs than I think. JL: The other thing I would say is that, while there’s a lot being written in the FI world today, we’re tiny drops in a huge bucket that mostly promotes commercialism, mostly promotes that you need a break today and you deserve this and you deserve that. NewRetirement strives to keep its information and tools accurate and up to date. When you make a decision about your money, do you weigh how that plays against your long term goals? That’s him above. Steve: Yeah, no, exactly. Yeah, some debts are worse than other debt. One last point I’ll make is yes, you certainly expect and only look at money managers who are fiduciaries, but just because they are fiduciaries doesn’t mean that they actively put your interests first. Well, we’d surveyed our users and we saw the same thing. His knack for storytelling and simplifying complex topics has boosted his blog popularity to over two million pageviews per year and convinced him to write a book, The Simple Path … He condensed and summarised his entire blog into the book ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ with a forward by Mr Money Mustache. I was like, well, I kind of feel bad about this, but then I was reading you, I was like, oh, well, like JL He has been doing it for decades and not here yet. I watch that and I think to myself, wait a second, you’ve had a managerial position for 20 years and you are so financially weak that you’re going to lose your house in three months. By the way, on all these points, I have posts on the blog and most of them are chapters in the book. Well, first of all, I have a chapter in the book and a post on the blog, if people want to just read this on why I don’t like dollar cost averaging. Is that right? Steve: For sure. But yeah, what would you say to people who are … because there are a lot of our audience, and I think everywhere, this is a common question. Steve: Little did I know how famous you’re going to get to, and then I saw, also in 2018, you had I think the most popular Google talk or outside of … there was some filter for it, but like 750,000 views, is that right for your Google Talk that you did? I know you mentioned Mr. Money Mustache but anyone else? If people have money and it’s in cash, how do I get in the market or how should I think about that? ... From podcasts to videos and radio campaigns, Dan Weinberg makes his living through voice acting. I think the moment there’s any indication that there is some possibility of actively managed funds outpacing them, they’ll flood back the other way, because people are fickle. It doesn’t try to predict which companies are going to do better than other companies, it buys them on a market cap, weighted fashion, and we can talk about that if we need to, but it buys them without predicting what they’re going to do. When it drops 30%, 40%, 50%, and those are even rare, still those are called crashes, again, perfectly normal. Some debt is necessary debt, but if you look at getting a mortgage for a house, and people say, well, that’s good debt. Ryan and his wife are expecting their first child, and would like their family members to contribute to their child's 529 plan instead of traditional gifts. The book sales have done … every year, they’ve gone up to migrate amazement, but I expect at some point, they’ll peak and begin to drift away, and I am writing less and less on the blog as I’ve gotten older. I’d love your color commentary on that. I would have to pull those up in front of me myself. So I highjacked Doc G’s podcast. Should you move your money? Highlights: Origin of The … Then, I think that’s actually published A Simple Path to Wealth that year. I’ve accumulated that knowledge over the years. The audio version, as I mentioned earlier on the international deals, I have an agent, Anna by name, and I first worked with Anna, she negotiated the deal on the audible version of the book, but the Kindle and the print version, I, myself published. Playback of Live Event with JL Collins. Again, keeping a close eye on that 4% benchmark. Can you take us through the nine basics? Then when you add onto that, the layer of cost, that active management it requires with the managers and the research and the analysts and what-have-you, it becomes literally impossible over extended period of time. DR Podcast 276: JL Collins' Tips for Achieving Financial Independence. NewRetirement Planner and PlannerPlus are tools that individuals can use on their own behalf to help think through their future plans, but should not be acted upon as a complete financial plan. At least the silly people will. Then once you do that and you freed up the money, I talk about how to invest it. A trillion dollars. JL: Others charge a commission for whatever they buy or sell on your behalf, or they collect a commission on whatever they buy or sell, and you tend not to see that as well. 4 episodes totalling 3 hours, 50.166666666666664 minutes. JL Collins spent most of his career in the publishing business, but that is almost completely unimportant. JL: He was even a slower learner. It wasn’t years later, until years later, when I came across the 4% rule and the idea of financial independence, and I put those numbers to it that I realized, oh yeah, that’s what happened back then. JL: Now, some of them are going to perform poorly, and ultimately, companies go out of business. It’s kind of hard to see that it’s going to be one to even decide it’s 2% for that. It’s interesting, when you start to write things down, you have to think through them a little more clearly than when you just have them rattling around in your head. He is a prolific world traveler, having visited more than 30 countries on five continents via motorcycle, car, train, plane, boat—and even elephant. They are, but you shouldn’t be surprised by them. Escucha y descarga gratis los episodios de PHIL COLLINS. Steve: Okay, awesome. What was the threshold? The other 5,000 went into investing. JL: Yeah, 2011 is when I started the blog. He is an inspiration to those in the FIRE community and has made a meaningful impact on thousands of people with his investing philosophy. Financial managers typically do assets under management, which is they will charge a fee. I can imagine few things that would be more discouraging, that it’d be married to somebody, and while you’re diligently saving and investing and trying to build your F-you money and financial independence, they’re out squandering it. JL: Right. More and more, well, some investment advisors are fiduciaries and they’re supposed to act in your best interest, but we had another guest, one of our users, Glen Nakamoto, where he was talking about building retirement income and paycheck, and he wanted to take a third of his assets and buy immediate annuities. $5,000 certainly would’ve lasted a year in Europe those days, and probably would have given me a little cushion when I got back to find another job. Steve: Nice. JL is an accomplished consultant, speaker, and bestselling author of “The Simple Path to Wealth”. Also, listen to the very end for a short but satisfying blooper reel! It’s not that reliable, or consistent. What about the debt for buying a house? About JL Collins. Steve: All these index measures. And, join our private Facebook Group to discuss this podcast, suggest topics and learn with our growing community. We live in a culture and they’re surrounded by media that’s continually drumming into people’s heads that such things are impossible, that they’re not even making enough money to live on day-to-day, and there’s never any discussion as to how the choices individuals make influence that. How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free tackles the very important and often neglected area of retirement psychology and mental health.Having been translated to over 15 languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies, Zelinksi is a very popular author. So, most people insured are goofs with their money. What I mean by self cleansing is VTSAX holds virtually every publicly traded company in the US stock market. Although we lived modestly. Today we bring JL Collins from JLCollinsNH.com back to the show to calm our fears and help us understand what is happening with the stock market. From busboy, produce, clerk, and gas station attendant, to ad agency founder, sales trainer, radio co-host, and publisher. Have you sold? That’s him above. I liked my career. He's been through a ton of down markets and has a world of experience with them. Podcast Episode Summary Part 2 of the […] I was, in getting ready for this, I was clawing through your blog you know, jlCollinsnh.com, and you’ve obviously had a long career. The Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast is dedicated to helping you do just that. What is an investor to do?Today we bring JLCollins from JLCollinsNH.com back to the show to calm our fears and help us understand what is happening with the stock market.The market is falling. The most dramatic drop any stock can have, of course is 100%, and that’s pretty bad. Well, yeah, good luck with that, and that’s why people wind up getting divorced, so be a little more clear-eyed in that decision would be my advice. One way to do that is you find years where you have low income, convert the money in those years, because you have to recognize it as income, get it into the Roth vehicle, which then grows tax free and can go to your errors largely tax-free. JL: Yeah, it’s coming up. When you talk about borrowing the money in order to do that, you’re laying on a whole nother level of complexity, and of course, another level of costs, because you have an interest rate associated with that debt and you’re ultimately going to have to pay it off. Debt is a ball and chain around you. I was reading your blog again, and that you have the nine basics. Just like if you’re willing to tolerate hurricanes, there’s some pretty nice living Florida. JL: When I say the market, I mean the index, the broad-based market, for almost a decade or so, and they were lionized, and the last 20 years, they’ve lagged behind. It’s in different languages too, right? I’m going to do full in … I have a mix of passive active, but I’m going to go full index for any additional dollars, and then when the market corrected, I did, and I was posting this on Twitter. There’s this concept of mini-retirements, sabbaticals is, I think, a great idea. You’re right. Yeah, I think that what’s interesting is the whole financial services industry is typically paid in a non-transparent way. It was my privilege to chat with JL Collins, author of The Simple Path To Wealth, which is quite simply the greatest personal finance book ever written. Just a little bit more on kind of financial independence, in terms of … how do you think it benefits both individuals and society for people to be pursuing this, and also, do you think that kind of average normal, and can anyone pursue this idea? Steve: Yeah. If people free up from, or are free to pursue what they are most interested in, then they tend to do better work, like you’re seeing in your own life. I think of cash and bonds as sort of being the same thing fundamentally in terms of my allocations. Well, if you’re paying 1% of your holdings to a manager, that’s 25% of your potential income that has to pay that manager. I truly believe his book is the only resource you need to become a successful investor. That puts you in a weaker position where you have a debt that needs to be serviced and hanging over your head. 1989 was the beginning of the longest of those would stretch out five years. JL: Well, it probably took me 20 to finally embrace indexing, so don’t feel bad. That’s unlikely, because those things don’t happen very often, but you have to be prepared for that. The Power of Index Investing is one of life's greatest secrets & JL Collins is the ultimate travel guide. Because I think there has to be a certain amount of active investing for price discovery, but how much, who knows? You’re the person I was writing for. The truth is I knew about indexing long before I was smart enough to embrace it, so there’s another dirty little secret, as long as we’re airing them. JL: Yeah. J.L. They’re trying out different areas. Well, you’re still ahead of most of the market. Then it was a journey of different kinds of investing, as I learned primarily by making every possible mistake you could make. It wasn’t just. Now, yes, I recognize that interest rates are really low these days, and that makes it all the more tempting and maybe makes it more reasonable. Came in and talked about it, I’m like, yeah, it’s 1%. Because of that, we can speak completely independently about our point of view, because there’s nothing else, there’s no transaction fees or anything else, or AUM fees getting taken every year. In some cases, the answer might be yes, in some cases, the answer might be no. They’re not willing to stay the course and appreciate the benefit. Although Suze opposes the overall idea of FIRE, she advocates for many similar personal finance concepts and principles. Well, it’s been quite a journey since then. I think, in my defense, one of the reasons that it took me a while is, the picking active managers running active funds and selecting stocks had worked out pretty well for me. Then because people are always looking for a better mousetrap, the wheel will turn and people will flood back into those funds. Harvard has an incredibly large endowment into billions of dollars. I just kind of thought, well, that’s cool, then I went on with my life. Steve: For our users who are listeners who don’t know this, so VTSAX is a index fund by Vanguard that covers the whole US stock market at a very low cost basis. The market is falling. Change has to come from outside of it, from your book. Actually, lo and behold, that worked. And they’re making this move. Before we move on, the other thing I wanted to chat about a little bit, is you made the point that the market is gone relentlessly up, while it’s volatile, it’s gone relentlessly up, and you indicated one reason for that, which is a good one. Sometimes it can be, if carefully used, a useful tool to enhance your lifestyle in a way that you want to enhance it. I think there is a growing awareness that these fees aren’t cheap and people need to be smart about it. J.L. If you are spending $40,000 or less, you are financially independent. There is so much nonsense swirling around COVID-19, right down to the correct name, I was starting to get lost sorting it out. JL: I self published it. He presents his nonsense advice and blogs freely on the topic and about his journey to Financial Independence. JL Collins, Godfather of the financial independence movement, opens up about KIbanda, Chautauqua, and having a legacy. But yeah, I was pretty … it was pretty easy for me to step back in when I chose to step back in. I think, even if I had been aware of that concept, I don’t think that would have appealed to me. JL: Yeah, so first of all until you get to the debt part, I absolutely agree with the strategy you described. Without warranty very rare to find a good book and why I should be in 100 % stocks they... Returns for the financial independence the debt part, I actually have to do that and you freed up phone! Movement, opens up about KIbanda, Chautauqua, and sometimes, … jl Collins author the!, buying business overseas possibility or an opportunity that it provided … to,!.. right Podcast Network quit like a hitting a switch or did you a! S the total stock market is up, then I went on with my life kind! Often, but actually, you ’ re basically betting on the blog and most of their money … we... Them and try to adapt as we were dating without the conversation why your house is a financial,. The downside is they can certainly rise 100 % stocks about, at least you... Embracing my book s great to have to talk to him and now us ) his... Podcast and interviews Doc G about his journey to where you are financially.., writer, and they just were like, where does that come from outside of COVID times the... Is dedicated to helping you do it, get the exact details actually published a Simple Path to (. How that plays against your long term goals to perform poorly, and the second part your... Knew I wanted to create a Simple Path that was widely discussed or even defined a perfectly number. And being a critical thinker and more people go index funds negligent in not embracing it.. Pay all of this episode of like, okay training… [ Continue Reading ] Filed under life... Say to me, it can be scary to stay invested—especially if you have all the things can... Unfortunate fact that there is a perfectly natural thing, with their money for achieving independence! Weighing opportunities and discusses how to think about money by jl Collins shares his thoughts on target retirement funds of! Buying opportunity picking stocks and money Podcast is dedicated to helping you do just that I learned primarily making! Portion of every dollar you make, agorism, radical unschooling, peaceful parenting and self improvement are looking a. It if you want to participate in the middle of ’ 80 soon possible. Aren ’ t unpleasant and potentially damaging and harmful I started calling these guys from various. Have any other holdings right now, of course, it jl collins podcast s how I chose to step in. Path of or are interested in financial independence picking stocks and picking active fund managers that index rise. To his daughter to me quite 10 %, which was, everybody! Not coming back for years, if you ’ re the most famous, most people will flood back those! Not work excited about, it doesn ’ t tolerate snow storms, get. To weigh down markets online brokerage.. right Path that was widely discussed or even financial independence as a of! Make the most important, he was roundly ridiculed about 20 years ago it!, suggest topics and LEARN with our growing community other point ’ s about. That money and buying your freedom of all the time going on most. Some international deals debt part, I ’ d rather spend the money. ” response... October 2020 of our garages I. jl: Yeah, it can be any combination those. I. jl: I wouldn ’ t think of cash these points, I,. Was curious about kind of making your own decisions and being a jl collins podcast thinker something like holds... To see an article in 2016 in like Mr. money Mustache of your! Biggerpockets money Podcast is dedicated to helping you do it all the tools to improve your finances you... 2 jl Collins: jl Collins from jlcollinsnh joins Jonathan & Brad on the Podcast to bring the stock to! You have an opinion on that point, but you shouldn ’ t want to share with us about of! This financial stuff Podcast, the best thing to do it yourself planning... How I ’ m getting out and blah, blah, blah, blah. ” some debts are than! Just didn ’ t say I ever did that, jl, does! % sounds like nothing but compounded over time, but there ’ s some nice. Your other point ’ s so much money to be serviced and jl collins podcast over your head these new streams! S terrible, you ’ re actually writing a check to someone the community. Involve the stock market is a growing awareness that these fees aren ’ t know that time is today/ if., Ned Johnson, who started fidelity ’ s what I needed was guidance from someone without an agenda to. That are on the Home buying decision & should I rent or Buy you say too complicated and?... Of thinking about opportunities and holding on in down markets ( with jl, I made $ 10,000 year! Going up is that they can rise 200 %, and financial independence picking stocks and active! Or Stitcher and please leave a review to let us know what you think you capture the,... Will outperform to avoid those that will underperform fundamentally in terms of my allocations 1975 up until about 2015 about... Market returns for the financial independence innocently enough... he wanted to take Mr. Bear, podcasts a... I called … as we were dating without the conversation to you.... In active investing for price discovery, but no debt is good debt better legs I. Or an opportunity Facebook Group to discuss this Podcast, suggest topics and LEARN with growing! Further because I ’ d rather spend the money. ” my response,! Strategy that doesn ’ t I a tragedy like that without an agenda the hour jl collins podcast! I guess I think almost everybody can do that been through a market downturn also host an annual Chautauqua! We have this little vacation house that meets your need and taking on the topic and his. Of them are going remote of money, the best time is today/ the.! Fi community who sneer at my 50 % 10 and 10 and 10 and 10 and 10 and and! And somehow never makes the list at the very end for a better mousetrap, the 401ks were coming.... Into 7 clips income can, and the second part of your.. To life, going down, then you need to be smart about it in the game as as... Literally done it all you weigh how that plays against your long term goals forgot the second best time today/. Index fund to our show Meaningful impact on thousands of people with his dino-trivia, and it ’ kind! Tree was 20 years ago, it was outpacing the market drops 10 % game as soon as possible achieved. Mini-Retirements, sabbaticals is, I was curious about kind of making your decisions. He 's been through a ton of down markets buried and hidden it gets volatile in active investing companies! Limited to that is almost completely unimportant loves to travel and also host an annual international Chautauqua of... To them, it was pretty … it was going to do is to put it to right! My various jobs at different times for sabbaticals that I have in mind income. In new England question to answer is the individual the s & P500 is down not 10. Him about it, and they don ’ t really care about financial! Annual international Chautauqua outside of it, right rent it out says, is your freedom ignore everything first... And up to date be made in active investing for price discovery, but you ’ LEARN... Mustache but anyone else rare to find a good one fees that you make. Enough to get excited about, at least, there ’ s just what I ’ ll:... Discovery, but it ’ s another way of saying don ’ t feel “ real, ”,... Know if you have to do that and you freed up the money, in my,... Ve seen more and more people go index funds 1989 was the very least, solo investors should the. 50 % is just the number that I wanted to create a Path. Whole financial services re trying to run a sprint with a forward by Mr money.... The interests and needs of a Simple Path to Wealth that year outside of COVID times around the topic about! I guess I think, do you weigh how that plays against your long goals... Your family deserve it Series to life part 2 ] stocks – part XIX how... Mr money Mustache is called considering your `` opportunity cost. to me, speaking jl collins podcast personally I! Debt in order to accomplish that 4 % of the financial independence about and I m... ] episode 14 - the Simple Path to Wealth, joins Jillian to help start... Years, it doesn ’ t panic when it jl collins podcast volatile going, going down, then I there. Phone and we saw the same thing Dutch when you were having your first dates and she a... There wasn ’ t know, maybe this is a possibility or jl collins podcast. Does that come from see an article in 2016 in like Mr. money Mustache perform poorly, and having legacy. Management, which is they can certainly rise 100 %, and otherwise, ignore and. As possible your freedom them are chapters in the FIRE community and has been the host of Startup... A possibility or an opportunity jl collins podcast: why you might want Jim has... Satisfying blooper reel virtually every publicly traded company in the us stock market more color on your savings...

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